About HK-BCOL 2020

Vote for People’s Choice Award

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  3. Submit the people’s choice form on 20th June

Remarks: Only submission on 20th June will be counted.

Who is eligible to participate?

Individual Eligibility — Any current or recent student may register as a competitor. A current student is defined as a person of any age that is enrolled in a recognized academic institution. A recent student would have been a current student until 3 years ago (July 5th, 2017). An individual may be attached to an academic institution by being ever enrolled in it. A recognized institution is an accredited educational institution or an institution that may grant a degree or diploma. All institutions and competitors must be registered with the IBCOL Registrar Office.
Team Eligibility — Projects are submitted by teams of one to six eligible competitors. Each team must nominate one representative academic institution, if any of the team members are from different academic institutions. This representative institution determines which country or territory the team and thus project will represent. Teams may be composed of members from different countries/territories or academic institutions. The HK-BCOL works with those declaring their primary institutions from the Hong Kong.

What is the process for participating?

Project Registration — Individuals must first register with the IBCOL Registrar. Next, register your team and project at the IBCOL 2020 Project Submission. A team may submit more than one project. Mentorship is available via the IBCOL 2020 Slack workspace. The absolute deadline is the 1st June 2020.
Project Selection — The HK-BCOL shall select up to 12 teams to represent the Hong Kong on a rolling basis from now until 1st of June. The submissions will be evaluated by a panel of experts. Resubmissions are encouraged for projects that are improving. The final representatives shall be announced on the week of 22nd of June 2020.

What are the criteria for project evaluations?

The HK-BCOL shall evaluate projects based on the guidelines set forth by the International Blockchain Olympiad.